“In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger.”

Kobayashi Issa

I thought it was the right time to send a personal message to you from lovely Florence & from Hotel Firenze Number Nine. I am sure, that like us, you are experiencing difficult and challenging times during this moment of Covid-19.

The city is closed and empty and although on the one hand it is sad to see Florence so deserted, I am finding the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of the city without the daily normalities of before. As I walk to work to spend some time in the hotel (it feels like my second home and a dear friend to me too – I cannot just leave “her” without company), I take the time to properly study and see all the beauty around me.

My first visit to Florence was in 2001 and I remember I was awe-struck with the Duomo, the David, the palaces, the streets, the Ponte Vecchio, the river – the list goes on and on. Having lived here for over 11 years I realise that it is easy to take things for granted, to not actually see what is under my nose if you will – Not so now!

It is amazing to see how enormous the Cathedral looks, as it stands majestically alone in the piazza without a single person there other than myself. I feel incredibly small beside such a stunning creation. To see the sun shining on the river, with an empty Ponte Vecchio at its end is just breath taking.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful little puppy in my life – Mabel, a French bulldog – whom some of you will have already met in the hotel. I, therefore, have the perfect excuse & reason to leave my apartment and walk around the city streets, albeit briefly.

Florence is truly unique, with an estimated 30% of world’s art treasures in this tiny city. We are truly blessed to live here. For you, who have been fortunate enough to spend time in Florence I am sure that you can understand exactly what I am writing and feeling.

I truly miss seeing you all at Number Nine. I love speaking with you in the morning and hearing you recount the wonderful dinner you enjoyed, or the incredible vineyard visit, your reactions to seeing Michelangelo’s David for the first time, to making it to the top of the Duomo or even your opinion on the best gelato or pizza (questions which have been known to divide families and friendships).

I will be in touch with you again very soon with news, updates, offers and packages. I also write a blog contained inside of our website where I post about My Florence in thoughts and ideas etc.

Here’s the link: Florence Times

Number Nine will open again shortly, and myself and my team will be here waiting to welcome you to what so many of you call your “home away from home”. We will continue with our wonderful hospitality, our desire to create the perfect stay for you and of course our great comfortable accommodations and facilities – all with renewed energy and pleasure!

Myself, my team and the owners and creators of Firenze Number Nine extend our very sincere and best wishes to you. We truly hope that your love for Florence, Italy and of course your affection for Number Nine will bring you back with us in the not too distant future.